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I’m always on the move. When I traveled from the East to West, from Taiwan to the United States, I flourished in the constant circulation of cultures, tastes, languages, and learned from the different people I meet along the way.

Being on the move sparks my imagination. Diffusion, friction, and transformation activate my creative process. Through this ever-evolving world, I am able to navigate quickly between ways of thinking, whether that is communicated through print, digital, or spatial environments.

My name is Brian Liu.
I’m a multi-disciplinary graphic designer based in Los Angeles, California.

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F!ne Print Magazine featured in Page Design: New Layout and Editorial Design published by Sandu Publishing
Line Plane Space: Drawing Through The 20th Century featured in IdN v25n2: Report, Brochure and Catalogue Design by IdN Magazine

2018 Adobe Design Achievement Award
Semifinalist in Print/Graphic
    F!nePrint Magazine
    New York Asian Film Festival

2018 The Young Ones Awards
Bronze Cube
    Creative Storm

New York Asian Film Festival featured in Fiesta: Branding and Identity of Festivals published by Sandu Publishing

2017 Adobe Design Achievement Award
Winner in Commercial Photography
    Creative Storm
Semifinalist in Print/Graphic
    Line Plane Space: Drawing Through
    The 20th Century

    Art of Surrender

Rubin and Postaer Scholarship

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