Shu Yao

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Art of Surrender
A set of books dived into the world of asceticism, debating two opposite sides of the issues.

Vol 1. Be A Circle
Asceticism was once a thriving practice. Religious law governed the people with startling rigidity, and even laypeople were subject to the complicated world of the feast and the fast. People looked to their stomachs, or rather, what they were putting in them to prepare themselves for the purity of heaven. Food for the soul, we may call it. But as the Reformation dawned on society, asceticism seemed lost for good.

Vol 2. Art of Surrender
As these religious try to achieve spiritual perfection, this perception has slowly blended into our society. But sometimes, it is ok not to be perfect. It's ok to surrender. Asceticism today is not so much about disciplining the body as living in a world where the cultural and religious structures that supported spiritual commitment in the past seemed to be completely stripped away. We live in a time when it is challenging to be a genuinely spiritual person.

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