F!nePrint Magazine
Editorial Design
F!nePrint magazine is a weekly magazine that asks a well-packed question based on the previous week’s latest topics and news. By providing research, theories, and opinions from all perspectives, F!nePrint magazine aims to create a multiway opportunity for dialogue that inspires and encourage people to think critically.

The magazine celebrates our desire to push the boundaries of design, technology, and alternative thinking. We celebrated our drive to disrupt the industry, to explore and break new ground, to tap into unorthodox thinking. We want to celebrate not just the act of questioning itself, but the communities and people and issues that continually change the way we understand the world’s issues.

A visual personality and tone of voice were developed to align with F!ne Print’s core values. They believe that everyone has the right to question anything they feel the need to, passionately. Turning previously undisclosed and important questions into public knowledge is how they make a change. The design reflects this courageous voice with a confident, highly visual approach that is clean, straightforward, and enlightening. The format of the magazine fits the need of today’s fast paced society where everyone is on the move, making it easy for people to carry around and read it in their leisure time.

Copr. 2019 Brian Liu