Line Plane Space:
Drawing Through The 20th Century

Line Plane Space: Drawing Through The 20th Century is an exhibition based on MoMa’s 2010 exhibition: On Line, which focuses on artists who bring remarkable impact and changes to the meaning of drawing.

In a revolutionary departure from the institutional definition of drawing and from the reliance on paper as the fundamental support material, artists instead pushed line across the plane into real space, thus questioning the relation between the object of art and the world. The art works and artists will be participating in this exhibition should not be considered a history of drawing of the 20th century, but rather a collection from the affection and vagaries which distinguish most such ventures.

The book unfolds with artists name within geometric shapes which pays homage to their dedication to push boundaries. The twentieth century is a period when artists subjected the traditional concepts of drawing to a critical examination and expanded the medium’s definition in relation to gesture and form. In following the development of the meaning of drawing over the last one hundred years, the visual design traces it in movement, typography, color palette, and graphical expression in a continuous flow over the book’s pages, reflecting the interconnection and interdependency that are increasingly both shaping and emerging from a globalized society.

Copr. 2019 Brian Liu