Street Poets Inc.
Brand Identity
Born from a poetry workshop in a Los Angeles County juvenile probation camp, Street Poets has evolved over the past 20+ years into a multi-dimensional, highly collaborative arts education organization harnessing the healing power of poetry music and ritual to save lives, create community and transform culture. In that time, Street Poets’ outreach has extended from prison cells to public school classrooms, from inner-city projects to Indian reservations, from L.A. street corners to countries like Belize, Sweden, Northern Ireland, Finland, Kenya and South Africa.

Street Poets believes that, buried in our bones, there are ancient solutions to our most intractable modern problems. Street Poets’ ultimate mission is to liberate those solutions, that medicine, our gifts – so that we all can experience together what it feels like to be free. The Identity aims to echo with the spirirt of Street Poets , constructed a highly expressive visual and tone of voice.

“Poetry is not only dream and vision; it is the skeleton architecture of our lives. It lays the foundation for a future of change, a bridge across our fears of what has never been before.” -Audre Lorde

Copr. 2019 Brian Liu