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New York Asian Film Festival
Brand Identity, Transmedia

The New York Asian Film Foundation Inc. is a nonprofit organization dedicated to the exhibition and appreciation of Asian film culture in all its forms with year-round festivals and programs.

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Trade Winds:
Tiki Culture, Paradise & Appropriation
Print, Book, Transmedia

Trade Winds: Tiki Culture, Paradise & Appropriation investigates, from several perspectives, the origins of tiki culture and the broader topic of cultural appropriation to create a framework for debate and a more coherent understanding of the issues.

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Brand Identity, Creative Direction

Today, SNKRS acquired more new members than any other digital channel for Nike. To mark their new era of growth, Nike wanted to create a revolutionary and disruptive retail destination that caters exclusively to users of its SNKRS app.

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F!nePrint Magazine
Editorial Design, Creative Direction

F!nePrint magazine is a weekly magazine that asks a well-packed question based on the previous week’s latest topics and news. By providing research, theories, and opinions from all perspectives, F!nePrint magazine aims to create a multiway opportunity for dialogue that inspires and encourages people to think critically. 

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Creative Storm
Photography, Art Direction

A photography set based on Small Green Door's primary creative services: design, shoot, develop, and grow. The project highlights SGD's proficiency across media from print to web by using real-life objects to simulate 3D renders.

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Line Plane Space:
Drawing Through The 20th Century
Exhibition Catalog

Line Plane Space: Drawing Through The 20th Century is an exhibition that focuses on artists who bring remarkable impact and changes to the meaning of drawing.

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Street Poets Inc.
Brand Identity

Street Poets harnesses the healing power of poetry and music to save lives, create community, and transform culture. From 1997, Street Poets’ outreach has extended from prison cells to public school classrooms, from inner-city projects to Indian reservations, from L.A. street corners to countries like Belize, Sweden, and South Africa.

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Fig & Palm
Brand Identity, Packaging Design

Fig & Palm is a gift box company strive to provide support for the moms of the world that deserve a pick me up and a reminder of their awesomeness.

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VG The Seafood Bar Taipei
Brand Identity

Located in the office building dense area surrounding Xinyi Anhe metro station, VG The Seafood Bar Taipei is a restaurant and bar that serves a range of seafood dishes that defy expectations.

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Nike Inc.
Beaverton, OR

Manual Creative
San Francisco, CA

Small Green Door
Commerce, CA

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